Become a Supporting Member


I think most of you know the story behind the VW Thing Registry.

We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary the year!

It was inactive for many years and I reactivated it in 2016. We currently have over 3,500 Type 181’/182’s listed one the Registry.

The Registry costs around $5k a year to operate. To this point, I have self funded most of the expense. I love this group and I enjoy spending time supporting the Thing community.

However, we are at a point where we need help to keep the organization operating and we need your help.

In order to move forward, we care creating a (voluntary) membership program. We have set this annual, membership at $25 or more. There is also a Paypal button below which will allow you to contribute.

I want to thank everyone in advance who has already agreed to donate $25 a year.

We will use the money to host events, support shows, awards, and pay our Chapter dues of the VIntage Volkswagen Club of America.